Brand Management Assessment 3 Part 3

Article Chosen: “Brand Identity: Making The Transition From Old To New”


The article of “Brand Identity: Making The Transition From Old To New” is about creating a new brand identity for a company and mentions the transitional methods that could be implemented in order to successfully maintain the new brand. As mentioned by Vesey, A. (2016, May 09), One method is “The Big Reveal” where the brand is carefully planned and then instantly revealed to the public, the second method “The Timeline” suggests that the brand is publicized from the beginning and maintain over a certain period of time. The final method is “The Evolution” is basically allowing the brand to evolve on its own, without any guidelines to push it forward.

Critical Analysis

In order to achieve brand success when it’s time for a company to rebrand, they have to choose between transitional methods for them to succeed and back it up with why they have chosen it.


If “The Big Reveal” is chosen, there will be an easier progression from one brand identity to another by strategically planning the brand and launching it for the public when it is ready. This is the best method, according to TOKY. (2017, January 25).


For “The timeline”, Appendix 1 shows the cycle of the timeline transitional process. As the brand identity development progresses further down the line, the company slowly begins to integrate the plan. As stated by Fresh Consulting. (n.d.), this method allows the company to focus on the understanding of the brand consumers and consumer education. Also, it allows the company to change their brand identity before it is launched in case the consumers do not prefer the new identity, therefore it will not only benefit the company but also appeal to the consumers.


The final transitional method “The Evolution”, is unpredictable and illogical as it grants the company permission to launch the new brand identity without planning or strategizing. This is the perfect method for marketers who are agile and wish to achieve success quickly, however this method has caused a myriad of problems since the plan is put in motion without proper branding guidelines.

Impact Analysis

How does this affect branding and marketing?

As reported by Lake, L. (2016, December 17), branding is a necessity in marketing and the consumers are its infrastructure that support the brand. Basically, the main factor that affects the brand is the consumers.


A strong brand evaluation not only provides loyal consumers but also loyal employees as it gives credence to their sense of belonging to the brand. If the new brand identity fails, then consumers would disapprove the new brand and employees might not be motivated to work for the company.


Another point of information, as mentioned by Handlin, A. (2016, October 26), is that if the new brand identity does not impress the consumers, then their buying behavior and purchasing decisions will affect the company’s brand. So, if a consumer does not like the new brand identity, then they will not feel compelled to purchase and the company will lose sales. If the consumers do like the new brand identity, then this creates brand loyalty and will encourage them to purchase.




Appendix 1

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.56.34 AM.png


Personal Brand Video

I have created a video…and in this video, I talk about my personal brand and it mentions my strengths as a marketer with potential, while aiming to achieve goals and objectives in the marketing industry.

Here’s the link to the video:

The purpose of the video is for businesses and companies to understand me as an individual as well as view my career objectives and show them what my personality is like.

Thank you and enjoy the video!

Social Media – A marketing student’s journey

As an individual who has never used social media, it felt weird to start posting on the platforms. However, as time went on, it became easier to post and just felt natural. Focusing on an important segment of the internet (social media) allowed me as a marketer to develop my digital skills as well as my communication skills, as I learn to engage and interact on social media platforms.

I have learned that social media is not just about posting on platforms but also a representation of an individual or a company as a brand and how people view them. The skills I have learned from the social media marketing course are to come up with the right posts, develop storyboards for videos and managing the digital content on social media using tools like Hoot-suite.

The best thing about being a social media marketing student is that it a never-ending cycle of learning. Since the world is becoming digitalized and the internet always has something new like trends and memes, it gives the social media marketer the opportunity to learn something new about the world and adapt to these social trends. Furthermore, another point to consider is the endless job opportunities for social media marketers since there always will be constant development in the industry.

Some recommendations for people who want to take social media marketing is to focus from the very beginning as one mistake in social media can affect your brand and post relevant materials related to you as a brand. Another recommendation would be to manage your posts and platforms efficiently using marketing tools like Hoot-suite.

Overall, my experience with social media marketing has led me to believe that it is a very important course for marketers as part of their advanced digital knowledge learning and aids in future job opportunities because social media is the current digital advancement in today’s society.